A History of Caring

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Larsen Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy (LSMPT) was established in March of 2006 by Richard Larsen, MPT. LSMPT has become a leader in providing physical therapy, athletic training, industrial medicine, and sports medicine services because of the dedication of our staff.

LSMPT is a therapist owned practice with a focus on our patients, the physicians who entrust their patient’s care to us, and our staff members that work hard everyday to create the caring, professional atmosphere that is LSMPT. We enjoy what we do, we strive everyday to learn more, and we appreciate the opportunity to give back to the communities in which we live and work.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Exceptional Care from ‘Hello’ to Healing

We are committed to providing evidence based physical therapy and athletic training services of superior quality. Our focus is on atmosphere, access, and ability as outlined in Vision 2020 by the APTA. Atmosphere is equally important to access and ability. The differentiation of our practice atmosphere from other practices will be obvious and able to be articulated by those that receive care at LSMPT.

Our Vision

Larsen Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy stands alone in recognition by physicians and community members as The Choice for physical therapy and athletic training services in western Wisconsin.

Our Values

Commitment and Passion
My day to day job duties are completed with fire and purpose.

My actions are determined first and foremost by the virtue of honesty. The good of our patients will carry the most weight in our decision-making and will be obvious to those who receive care in our practice.

I think of others when I make decisions. I will team with the community by volunteering my time for the benefit of others.

I have something left to give to others when I leave work.

Life Long Learning
The choices I make reflect my desire to maximize my potential to grow.

Financial Responsibility
My actions represent stewardship of company resources, the need to remain profitable, and the needs of my patients. All employees will benefit from company profitability. We will give back financially to the community in which we provide our services.

Core Principles

We have supported the vision of the physical therapy profession by hiring doctoral trained physical therapists that have obtained or will obtain board certification in their specialty area. All staff at LSMPT are provided in-house and external continuing education opportunities to improve the care that we provide to you, the patient.

Our hiring process seeks individuals whose energy, passion, and desire to excel in their field is easily identifiable to those around them

Shared Ownership
The contribution of each and every staff member makes LSMPT what it is today. We like what we do and are proud of it. You can feel the difference when you walk in our doors.

Focus on Access
We offer appointment times from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily, with early and late appointments as needed. We understand that the convenience of the appointment times may be the reason you choose LSMPT. If you are in acute pain or have a sports event to get back to, we will find an appointment time within 24 hours of your call.

Rich Larsen, owner, has worked in the St. Croix Valley for over 10 years. Our therapists have established relationships with over 120 physicians in the area, with local hospitals, and with other healthcare providers. Because of our experience, many of our patients choose LSMPT first for their musculoskeletal injuries and pain. If we can’t help you or are not the expert for your particular need, you can trust us to refer you to someone who is.

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